Launch and Interact with a STATA Session

Yesterday, I found a interesting R Package on GitHub - bubble. This package provides a REPL (交互解释器) between R and node. And its source codes are quiet simple, so I want to know if I can create a Stata REPL by imitating it. Then we have statarepl package which provides a REPL interface between R and Stata, it’s different from RStata, which I have introduced before.

SHIBOR versus The Repo Rate: the Choice of Benchmark Interest Rates in China's Monetary Market

This article has been published on Zenodo - Research. Shared., if you want to cite it, you can cite it as:

Cheng, Zhenxing. (2018, June 27). SHIBOR versus Repo Rate: the Choice of Benchmark Interest Rates in China’s Monetary Market. Zenodo.

Find Semi-max Density Values in Normal Distribution

Today afternoon, a friend asked me a question, I can’t describe this question in English accurately, but I will try my best. Now, she has 30 sequences, each has 10 thousand numeric elements, they seemingly follow a normal distribution. For a normal distribution, the max density value correspond to mean. she want to know at which value, the density value equals half of the max density value.

Stata:Finance Topics

This articles is my notes for learning two three articles which introduce some technical analysis methods in Stata.

Stata Talk @ Shandong University as TA

Actually, it’s a bit boring. This is the third time I’ve talked about Stata as TA… The only difference is that this time it is for graduate students, with only 10 listeners. Following pictures are the screenshots of my slide.

Stata Optimization and Markowitz Efficient Frontier

In my two previous tweets, I used Stata and Python to fit Markowitz Efficient Frontier respectively: Use Stata to Fine the Markowitz Efficient Frontier & Use Stata to Fine the Markowitz Efficient Frontier. But Stata verison is imperfection, because I don’t know how to optimize in Stata. This problem was finally solved today: How to optimize in Stata.

FINANCE:Stata 中的金融工具包

finance 命令包 1.0.0 版本被我重新整理后在GitHub上架了!欢迎安装试用并提供反馈!
finance 命令包包含了我在平常的学习和工作中写的一些 Stata 的小命令,为了便于整理和安装,我把它们整理成了一个命令包,由于里面有很多是关于金融数据获取和处理的,所以我将这个命令包命名为 finance 。里面还包含了一些绘图、其它数据获取整理的小命令。

CUSE:构建自己的 Stata 数据集仓库

cuse 命令 2.0.0 版本被我重新整理后在GitHub上架了!欢迎安装试用并提供反馈!
cuse 命令通过使用必应词典和有道翻译的接口实现了在Stata中进行中英文单词、词语和句子的互译。

DICT:在 Stata 中进行中英文互译

dict 命令 3.0.0 版本被我重新整理后在GitHub上架了!欢迎安装试用并提供反馈!
dict 命令通过使用必应词典和有道翻译的接口实现了在 Stata 中进行中英文单词、词语和句子的互译。


在一年前的寒假我刚刚学习用 Stata 绘图的时候就做过这么一件事情:画图片,当时的结果不是很成功,画出来的照片看起来很“水墨风格”???详细绘图方法可以参考:我觉得我的女神很漂亮,想把她的照片当成图表背景,该怎么做?


上周许文立老师在其公众号宏观经济研学会 介绍了中国宏观杠杆率数据。下载地址为:中国宏观杠杆率数据。为了方便获取这个数据,我写了一个简单的 Stata 程序。

Create Desktop Notifications From Stata or ... any Apps !!!

The last article introduced how to create desktop notifications from R. In this article, I’ll show you how to create destop notifications from Stata or any other Apps!

stata_kernel 的使用

虽然很久之前就知道了 stata_kernel 这个插件,这个插件可以让我们能在 Jupyter Notebook 中运行 Stata 代码。


自己有一个习惯,就是每到一个新地点,就会在手机里的高德地图 APP 上把这个地点标记一下,这样就能记录下自己的👣啦。


经过吐血的整理,我终于整理好了这个涵盖了我们学校学生成绩、体测数据及图书馆数据的 数据集,为了保护隐私,我把数据集中的姓名、学号变量去掉了。


每学期第二轮选课结束之后就要把教务处里面的排课选课表爬爬。再加上好久没有用 Stata 了,再练练手。


本文搜集了几乎所有的 Stata 绘图主题!

Stata15 绘图的新功能:设置图形的透明度

Stata15 比起前代的 Stata 出了很多新功能,例如这个透明度。本文是 Stata 官网教程的学习笔记:Transparency in graphs

如何使用 spmap 将数据绘制到地图上?

这个也是 Stata 官网上挂的一个教程,如何使用 Stata 绘制地图。


这是 Statalist 上的一个问题。How can I get a histogram with varying bin widths?。方法是使用Nicholas J. Cox大神的eqprhistogram命令。

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