Introduction to Fama French

This is my note for learning Introduction to Fama French.

Today, we will be workding with our usual portfolio consisting of:

  • SPY (S&P500 fund) weighted 25%
  • EFA (a small-cap value fund) weighted 25%
  • IJS (a small-cap value fund) weighted 20%
  • EEM (a emerging-mkts fund) weighted 20%
  • AGG (a bond fund) weighted 10%

A quick tour of GA

This is my note for learning A quick tour of GA.

Genetic algorithms(GAs) are stochastic search algorithms inspired by the basic principles of biological evolution and natural selection. GAs simulate the evolution of living organisms, where the fittest individuals dominate over the weaker ones, by mimicking the biological mechanisms of evolution, such as selection, crossover and mutation.

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